• Development of nitrogen generator

    The origin of nitrogen generator goes back to the 1950s-1960s. It was first originated in Germany and then introduced into China. However, this product is really widely used in the Chinese market. Of course, the nitrogen generator mentioned here is PSA type, that is, molecular sieve nitrogen gene...
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  • Success of small high purity oxygen test

    Success of small high purity oxygen test

    After two years of research, we have successfully developed a high-purity oxygen generator. The oxygen purity can reach 98-99%. This kind of oxygen can be used in a variety of uses, such as oxygen cutting, welding, breathing, hospital oxygen. After booster, it can be filled into high-pressure bot...
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  • Daily inspection of 160 m3 oxygen generator

    We provide the user with a 160 square meter industrial oxygen generator. After three months of operation of this set of equipment, we provided the first routine inspection, and found the following problems: 1. The noise of the equipment is loud. After inspection, the exhaust sound of the muffler ...
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  • Laboratory small-scale nitrogen production debugging

    Laboratory small-scale nitrogen production debugging

    On Saturday, August 22, our technicians were debugging a small nitrogen equipment in the laboratory. The feature of this small-scale nitrogen production system is that the overall volume is small, and it will eventually come out in a box structure. According to the current design, the overall di...
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  • Successful patent application for liquid nitrogen generator

    Successful patent application for liquid nitrogen generator

    After years of research and development, our company successfully applied for the “liquid nitrogen generator unit control system” in December 2019, marking a new stage in the R & D and production technology of liquid nitrogen generator. In the domestic and international markets, l...
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  • Ozone generator in drinking water applications

    Drinking water is indispensable in people’s lives, and the amount of water people consume every day is very large. Generally, drinking water is disinfected, and ozone is used more. Ozone equipment is slowly increasing, and it can accomplish the task of disinfecting drinking water. Mineral w...
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  • Ozone application in the food industry

    It is well known that the presence of a certain amount of ozone in the atmosphere is an excellent way to reduce ultraviolet light. In life, ozone also plays a big role in the food industry. Many people may not know that ozone has a very good disinfection effect, which makes people feel comfortabl...
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  • How to maintain the nitrogen

    What problems do people need to pay attention to when maintaining nitrogen generator? The things that people invented are countless and have brought great changes to people’s work and life. Among them, people have also invented nitrogen-making equipment that can produce nitrogen using equip...
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