• Ozone generator in drinking water applications

    Drinking water is indispensable in people’s lives, and the amount of water people consume every day is very large. Generally, drinking water is disinfected, and ozone is used more. Ozone equipment is slowly increasing, and it can accomplish the task of disinfecting drinking water. Mineral w...
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  • Ozone application in the food industry

    It is well known that the presence of a certain amount of ozone in the atmosphere is an excellent way to reduce ultraviolet light. In life, ozone also plays a big role in the food industry. Many people may not know that ozone has a very good disinfection effect, which makes people feel comfortabl...
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  • How to maintain the nitrogen

    What problems do people need to pay attention to when maintaining nitrogen generator? The things that people invented are countless and have brought great changes to people’s work and life. Among them, people have also invented nitrogen-making equipment that can produce nitrogen using equip...
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