Provide professional gas separation solutions----to fully meet your gas demand

Beijing LDH Technology Development Co., Ltd always insists on providing customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient standardized products. From our contact with you, LDH's sales engineers will fully understand and analyze your usage requirements, and provide you with scientific and economical personalized selection consulting services according to specific working conditions, providing you with flow, purity, pressure, etc. A reliable and cost-effective gas separation system with technical requirements. With more than 10 years of experience in products and services in various industries and application experience worldwide, We always insists on providing you with the most suitable LDH field use, no matter which industry you are in. Gas solution. Each member of the LDH technical service team has several years of experience in gas separation system maintenance and commissioning services, and can provide on-site commissioning, maintenance and maintenance for each set of LDH gas separation systems sold. Ensure that the flow, purity, pressure and other technical indicators of the equipment meet the requirements specified by the customer. Our service engineers will regularly visit each customer to fully grasp and supervise the detailed operation of each system, and provide customers with professional technical consultation or technical services on the customer's site. We have a complete spare parts sales system, and we will promptly remind each customer to do the system maintenance work to ensure that the equipment is always in the best working condition.

Our services cover:

1. For each set of gas separation systems sold, including air compressors, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, ozone generators, liquid nitrogen equipment, etc., to provide customers with on-site start-up services to ensure that the technical indicators of the equipment meet customer specifications Claim.

2. After-sales service engineers regularly conduct customer return visits, track, investigate the operation of equipment, and provide technical advice.

3. The equipment provides free repair service and spare parts service during the warranty period.

4. Regularly prompt customers to do a good job in maintenance and repair of equipment, and provide complete spare parts sales service.

5. Provides maintenance, maintenance and repair services for all phases of nitrogen, oxygen, ozone equipment and air compression source systems, as well as comprehensive hosting services, including the various accessories required.

6. Provide a variety of gas system transformation and capacity enhancement services.

7. The whole machine rental service of the on-site gas system.